Online Catalog!

The 2021 CATALOG for the 12th Annual Juried Exhibition
of Self-Published Photobooks is now available.   All of the books are available directly from the artists with all proceeds going to them. Do your holiday shopping without leaving home. Please consider my Breath Taking: Sheltering In Our Garden as you peruse the books juried into the show.  It is a joy to have my first photobook effort recognized in this way. I love the company it is keeping.

Holiday Pricing

Many images from my Breath Taking project are already printed on aluminum, framed and ready to hang in your home for the holidays. Details on the images and pricing are available at the Breath Taking tab on this website. There is no need to fret about supply chain problems or cool stuff out of stock when you can buy art locally. Bring a bit of serenity into your home with images from my garden. 

Davis Horton Gallery

My book, Breath Taking: Sheltering In Our Garden, is in excellent company in the 12th Annual Photobook Show at the Davis Orton Gallery in Hudson, New York from November 20 to December 19, 2021. Other artists represented include: • Debra Achen • Stephen Albair • Stan Banos • Gary Beeber • Bruce Berkow • Mike Callaghan • Nicholas Costopoulos • Maureen Drennan • Melissa Eder • Mark Farber • Jake Foster • Samantha Goss • Joe Greene • Anita Harris • Timothy Hearsum • Samantha Herbert • Judi Iranyi • Doug Johnson • Kevin B Jones • Kate& Geir Jordahl • Matthew Kamholtz • Stella Kramer • Philip Malkin • Andy Mattern • Forest McMullin • Meryl Meisler • Linda Morrow • Laila Nahar • Fern Nesson • Donna Oglesby • Robert Pacheco • Robert Palumbo • Betty Press • Keron Psillas • Renato Rampolla • Joanne Ross • Patricia Scialo • Ron Snider • Benjamin Tankersley • Sal Taylor Kydd • Julia Vandenoever • Thomas Whitworth • Sharon Wickham

Copies of my book are available from me $35 soft cover; $50 hard cover. plus $4.00 shipping in the United States.


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