Infrared Cape Cod Garden

Garden Path

Artist Statement: Numinous Realities (Ongoing)

The light we cannot see intrigues me. I love the challenge of creating a visible image from a hidden field of light.

Shooting with my infrared converted Leica T affords me the opportunity to create dreamscapes of line, shape, form and false color. Paradoxically, the infrared camera captures what the human eye cannot see. It captures a reality that the photographer cannot observe, can only imagine.

There is considerable craft involved in working in infrared. Technical skill is required for the capture, even more for the post processing. Once mastered, the photographer’s tools can deliver surprising artistry. Drawing from a different palette of false colors, or no color at all, we can see our earth intimately, in a different light. The invisible spectrum seduces us to fall in love again with the environment we’d come to take for granted.

I share my work to refresh, reanimate and renew the meaning of nature in our lives.  When we are moved by beauty, love is aroused; when love is aroused there is a desire to protect what is loved.

Infrared Botanical Garden of Cienfuegos Cuba


Infrared Botanical Garden of Cienfuegos, Cuba

Golden Bamboo

Infrared landscape Santa Clara, Cuba


Infrared Cape Cod Garden


Infrared blooming Kousa


Infrared Botanical Garden Cienfuegos, Cuba

Tree Fall

Infrared Japanese Maple Cape Cod Garden

Japanese Maple

Infrared Rhodies Cape God Garden

Gnarled Rhodies

Infrared Flame Tree in Matanzas, Cuba

Flame Tree

Infrared of chapel grounds in Matanzas, Cuba

Matanzas Evening

Infrared of chapel grounds in Matanzas, Cuba


Infrared of a mysterious guest in Heritage Plantation, Cape Cod

Flute Player

Infrared of Stickwork art installation at Highfield Hall, Falmouth, Ma.


Infrared of Stickwork art installation at Highfield Hall, Falmouth, Ma.


Infrared of wood nymphs in Sandwich, Ma.


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